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Computer Tips
Tip 1

A common mistake users make when turning off their computers is by pressing the power button. Always turn off your computer from the system to prevent hard drive or files damage.

Tip 2

Only download files, music, and photos from legitimate sites. Why? Because sometimes users download files that seem safe from certain websites, but actually end up downloading viruses onto their computer(s).

Tip 3

When opening files that other people send you, always open them in protected view so that the files do not download onto your computer. This prevents viruses from getting downloaded onto your computer.

Tip 4

When you plug your laptop charger into your laptop, the charger’s tip should be kept in a vertical direction and not in an “L” direction. This prevents charging port damage and charger deterioration.

Tip 5

Computers are like cars – they require regular maintenance. You should have 1-2 yearly tune-ups and virus removal to prevent big damage (losing files due to damage or operating system crashes).

Cellphone Tips
Tip 1

Do not let your battery percentage go below 20% – this helps conserve your battery life.

Tip 1

Only download apps from legitimate sources such as the App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store. This helps prevent viruses from infecting your phone (Yes, phones can get viruses as well!)

Tip 1

Only use your phone’s original charger because this helps preserve your phone’s battery.

Tip 1

If your phone suffers water or liquid damage, turn it off immediately. This helps prevent further electronic damage to various phone parts.

Tip 1

Users usually keep cases on their phones only to protect the screen. But keeping your phone in its case also protects other phone components that are just as important as the screen.

We hope you enjoyed Compuatlanta’s device care tips!

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